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Engineering jobs consists of broad range of specialties and to secure one, you need to use effective methods that are applicable in various disciplines. Apart from this, while drafting an engineering marketing tool, you need to pay attention to the technical aspects of the document which is relatively absent in other fields. Writing experience or previous projects in a chronological order and sensible fashion might be an easy task for some but few people often find it difficult to choose the exact words when it comes to selling oneself to the employer.

Every resume ever created must be customized for the job you are applying for. For instance, a computer engineer aspiring to a software developer position must ensure his technical expertise is listed right at the beginning of the resume. Similarly, a civil engineer eyeing a coveted position in the industry must mention relevant skills and experience. Although the engineering resumes are slightly different from other fields, they follow a simple and concise format. You can remember the following guidelines while creating your own marketing tool.

Organized format:

A chronological format is assumed to be the best as it lists your skills, experience, and education in the right order. Functional format is used when there are employment gaps or a career change. Following a combination of both is also a good option as long as your unique selling points are being focused on.

Precise details:

To get registered in the hiring manager's mind, do something that is unconventional. Make your name stand out by writing it in bold and good font size at the center and top of the page. To sound more professional, always add full name and contact details like mobile number, accurate residential address and a valid email address. Create a new email ID if it doesn't look professional. The one you used in school or made just for fun would not work in the corporate world. Email addresses with the format look more professional.

Engineering Resumes

Career Summary:

As the resume trends continue to evolve, the objective section is now becoming a thing of the past. Employers are interested in knowing what skills you possess and long-term career plans. While selling yourself, be sure to write this section as per the job description and focus on why you are an apt fit for the position. Include past key contributions with the right buzzwords. This section is, in particular, to pique the interest of recruiters into your profile.

Highlight the accomplishments:

Employers do want to see your engineering achievements and which companies you have worked for in the past. Rather than mundanely listing the companies and time you were employed there, use action words to describe your key accomplishments. Quantify them. Did you revamp an existing process to increase profits by X% or sped-up project development to initiate cost savings? This sort of information is expected in this section. Using powerful action verbs to describe past accomplishments will catch recruiter's attention and keep your resume out of trash.


Awarded for contributing profusely to the company's growth? Did an ex-colleague quoted positive notes for you? Show these points since you are selling yourself. Demonstrate your worth by telling these to a prospective employer. It not only displays your sincerity, but also tells what you would bring to the table.


Add a concise section that talks about your educational qualifications, name of the institute, graduation year and if necessary GPA. Including subject of majors can be an optional and would depend on the profile you are applying for. The higher you move up the rank, keep this section short and sweet.


Engineering jobs often demand certain licenses or professional certificates if you want to work for a particular profile. Include any job-related licenses and certifications you have already obtained or are currently pursuing under this part.


Add this section if it is mentioned in the job description or on the company site. Be sure to mention the person's correct contact number or email address. However, before including a name, get his or her permission.

Error check:

A well-written resume with all the above-mentioned points is of no use if it is full of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Check it at least ten times for grammar and other possible typo errors before sending it to the recruiter.

As we are progressing towards a paperless society, a majority of the job applications are received via email by a hiring manager. Time constraints and large number of competitors have forced them to use ATS system to pick-out the probable candidates. With engineering resume samples of different domains available here, we are confident that you will be able to write a perfect resume and also land yourself with an interview.

Sample Engineering Resume

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