Field Assurance Coordinator Resume

Field Assurance Coordinators work with different departments to ensure smooth running of business. They monitor daily requirements of business, ensure working of employees according to standards, train subordinates, address complaints to maintain goodwill, ensure a good collaborative relationship with supervisors and other coordinators and maintain documents / records. Experience is essential and candidates need good professional communication and analytical skills with the ability to meet deadlines. A degree in business administration and relevant computer skills are needed. The candidate in this resume has an associate degree in business administration, relevant computer knowledge and experience as a field assurance coordinator.

Sample Field Assurance Coordinator Resume

Rex Johnson
12098 Garland Drive
Emory, VA 24327
Telephone No: 276-944-4738
Email id:

Career Objective

Seeking the position of a Field Assurance Coordinator with a major health corporation / medical supplies company.

Academic Background

Computer Knowledge Professional Background

Since 2004 working as a Field Assurance Coordinator in the Brach Health Corporation, Emory, VA, and is responsible for the following:

From 2000-2003 worked as a Customer Care and Technical Service Representative in the, T.M. Leary Medical Supplies, Ferrum, VA, and was responsible for the following: From 1997-1999 worked as an Inspector Technician in the Ginsberg Defense, Birdsnest, VA, and was responsible for the following:

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