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When you are in search for a new executive job, your resume or curriculum vitae is one of the most important tools you have to focus on. Resume will function for you as your representative to all potential employers, and primarily all they want to learn about your personality and abilities. Because of this, your executive resume must be written excellently. While writing the resume you have to focus on two things:

Executive Resume Template

Contact Information


Write brief summary of your working experience. For example: Working as an Innovative corporate banking executive at ABC Bank for 7 years and have an experience in extensive product management, creation of new products and building major business; a strong strategic thinker and a team builder.

Areas of Expertise

List here, your areas of expertise. For example:

Executive Resumes


Mention here all types of experience you have from start to present. For example:

ABC Bank Ltd. 1999-Present
Online Banking Director, Global Account Group

XYZ Corporation 1997-1998
Niche Products Director

Sample Executive Resume

Checkout our sample executive resumes below :

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