International Controller Resume

International Controllers are in charge of the international accounts of their organizations. They are required to establish principles and practices for international accounting, prepare and administer these accounts, and present findings / analysis to top management. The job requires a bachelor's degree, preferably in accounts and related fields. Candidates with an MBA in finance, experience, and technical - legal knowledge of international finance have an edge in the job market. The candidate in this resume has work experience at national and international postings. He is technically proficient with an MBA in finance and a bachelor's degree in industrial and management engineering.

Sample International Controller Resume

Phil Hooper
239 North Jefferson Street,
Roanoke, VA 24016
Telephone No: 540-982-3820
Email id:

Career Objective

Seeking the position of a Senior International Controller with a major corporation engaged in international financial transactions.

Skills and Knowledge

Professional Background

Academic Background:

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