Regional Vice President Resume

While there are a thousand ways to tackle the interview, reaching there is possible only through a well written resume. A resume should be unique, attractive, and at the same time, it should exhibit that you are a professional to the core. To write such a resume for the position of regional vice president, you will have to let go your perception of a resume and look at it from the perspective of an employer; the authority for whom the resume is actually written for.

A regional vice president works in a specific region. His duties are to coordinate with the various units of an organization that are scattered within this region. On a normal day, the regional vice president communicates with the branch managers or department heads of all the units. He closely monitors the activities of different departments such as customer service, sales, production, logistics, etc. He defines goals and strategies to expand business operations and attain excellence by adapting the latest procedures and technologies. He also communicates with the board members, shareholders, government agencies, and other external public. Many other tasks are performed on a routine basis by the regional vice president.

A resume for the job of regional vice president has to show that he is competent enough to handle the package of responsibilities assigned under this position. His experience, skills, and educational qualifications should fulfill the job criteria. Additionally, there should be a career objective that highlights the applicants' ambition and passion to work in this position.

The sample of regional vice president resume will serve as an example to those who plan to apply for this position with a functional and attractive resume.

Sample Resume

Personal Information

John P. Burlington
1306 Parkway Street
Tallahassee, Jacksonville 45810

Career Objective

To drive an organization to the path of success and glory by utilizing my knowledge, expertise, and vision

Technical and Professional Skills

Details of Work Experience

Designation: Regional Vice President
Organization: Electronz Inc.
Duration: July 2004 to present

Job Responsibilities

Designation: Regional Manager
Organization: Stathum Corporation
Duration: October 1997 - June 2004

Job Responsibilities

Designation: Cluster Manager
Organization: Hendrix Inc.
Duration: September 1994 - September 1997

Job Responsibilities


Available on request

The sample of regional vice president resume amalgamates the necessary information and explains the overall competency of the applicant. Use this template as a reference and it will be easy for you to draft a personalized resume.

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