Sales and Marketing Vice President Resume

The Vice President, Sales and Marketing, reports to the Marketing President and leads - coordinates the sales - marketing functions, develops and implements the marketing strategy, monitors the actual sales and compares - analyzes these with sales goals. The job also involves handling client relations, identifying new markets, and public relation operations. A master's degree in business, preferably marketing, with ten years experience in strategic planning and implementation of marketing campaigns, negotiation, handling contracts, motivating, and business communication is needed. The candidate in this resume has a master's degree in finance with considerable experience as a marketing manager.

Sample Sales and Marketing Vice President Resume

Sean Michaels
2109 W Pennwood Avenue,
Las Vegas, NJ 89102
Telephone No: 702-799-3928
Email id:

Career Objective

To obtain a Vice President, Sales and Marketing, position with a major product making / service providing company.

Academic Background

Other Qualification Professional Background

Since 2000 working in the Morrison and Lennon production, Las Vegas and is responsible for a sale of $10 million of dolls and other related products both in the National and International market through Superstore Chains and Toy Stores along with Catalogs. Joined the company as a Purchasing Manager, and later promoted to Vice-President and is presently responsible for external sales. Some achievements are:

From 1995-1999 worked as a General Manager in the Tipton Company, New York, and was responsible for the following:

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