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Just like you examine the eligibility of individuals and companies for loans, the same way employers are going to study whether you fit for the job or not while reading your resume. Therefore, a credit analyst resume must show the recruiters that you have the skills and experience to help the organization in determining the risk associated with giving loans to applicants. The resume must also highlight your capabilities in fixing loan terms, calculating interest rates, and drafting reports for supporting in taking decisions of lending loans to applicants.

Some of the knowledge and skill that recruiters want to see in the credit analyst resume are evaluating the client's financial statements, spending habits, history of repaying loans as well as determining the feasibility of lending loans. Further, your abilities in collecting and studying financial information and client's recovery applications have to be demonstrated in the resume. It should mention soft skills such as communication, interpersonal, teamwork, problem-solving, reliability, and confidence. If you want to make the hiring manager call you for an interview, refer to this resume sample.

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Credit Analyst Resume Sample

Rita M. Boyce
1789 Blair Court
Rockville, MO 64780
Phone: 660-598-9779

Career Summary

Self-driven, motivated, and certified Credit Analyst with 7+ years of experience in analyzing financial statements for banks and lending institutions. Proven abilities in handling duties of underwriting and annual review functions, gathering financial data, and evaluating clients' credit applications. Strong research, analysis, and report drafting skills to help the management take a decision in lending loans to applicants.

Summary of Skills

Work Experience

Credit Analyst
ABC Financial Services, Rockville, MO
October 2018 - Present

Credit Analyst
Eash Money Bank, Rockville, MO
July 2015 - September 2018

Credit Analyst
People's Bank, Rockville, MO
May 2012 - June 2015


Bachelor's Degree in Finance
ABC University, Rockville, MO


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