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The word sous chef has a French origin. Sous means under. Hence, the sous chef is the one who works directly under the head chef. The Sous chef is responsible to manage all kitchen activities. He reports to the executive chef (popularly known as the chef de cuisine). He is the officer-in-charge of all the kitchen activities and is responsible to manage the kitchen supplies, handle chef teams, coordinate with dining area management and ensure that the hotel maintains the high quality standards of preparing and serving food. Since, he handles multiple tasks at once, he needs effective support from his juniors and assistants, to be able to succeed in his position. Hence, the role of a junior sous chef is also considered to be equally challenging and responsible. He too, performs similar functions but in lesser capacity.

Working at a junior level position, allows the candidates a chance of learning the responsibilities of the executive at the senior level. Hence, if you too, are seeking for an opportunity of working as a junior sous chef, then craft an impressive resume for your profile to find the best job. We have provided below a junior sous chef resume sample to help you in your resume writing tasks.

Junior Sous Chef Resume Sample

Kevin Walker
11N, Third Avenue, San Diego, CA
588 - 231 - 3536

Career Objective

To work at the position of a junior sous chef and acquire experience in managing kitchen activities at an executive level. To get an opportunity to handle critical responsibilities and provide guidance to junior chefs in performing their functions efficiently.

Key Skills

Work Summary

Designation: Junior Sous Chef
Organization: Oakwood Hotel, San Diego
Duration: January 2009 - till date

Designation: Chef
Organization: Seasons Hotel, San Diego
Duration: July 2006 - December 2008

Designation: Assistant Chef
Organization: Lakewood Hotel, San Diego
Duration: January 2005 - June 2006

Educational Qualifications


Name: Michael Rogers
Designation: Head Chef
Organization: Oakwood Hotel
Telephone Number: 577 - 121 - 4946
Email Id: michaelrogers@example.com

We have attempted at highlighting all the information that needs to the represented ideally in a junior sous chef resume sample. We hope this resume succeeds in presenting the ideal format of resume writing and helps all budding job seekers in finding their dream job.

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