Kitchen Worker Resume

In kitchen workers, there are various positions including cook, cook helper, chefs, food preparation workers and many others. They cook and chef prepares all seasonal foods from soups, salads and snacks. Chefs and cooks prepare meals and create various food recipes.

Cook helper help in cutting and peeling vegetables, preparing poultry, trimming meat and various other duties including cleanliness of food preparing equipment such as dishes, pots, utensils, ovens, grills, blenders, broilers, slicers etc and work areas.

Sample Kitchen Worker Resume

Tony Anderson,
1738, East 53 Street,
Tarrytown, RE 72931,
(524)-253 8293. Objective: Looking for position of kitchen worker that will allow me to utilize my related skills.


Work Summary:

Some Restaurant, Boston
Worked as a Cook


Sound Diet Restaurant Inc., Boston
Worked as Cook's Helper


Education Summary:
High School Diploma, Boston

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