Junior Project Manager Resume

Most job seekers dream of working at the respectable position of a project manager. If you have come close to this opportunity and are in line of gaining a junior manager position, then here is perfect resume help for you. Find below a junior project manager resume that will help you represent your career and win over this job opportunity. To begin with, here is an overview of the project manager profile.

A project Manager refers to the higher authority position who is responsible to look after the project development and ensure that the projects meet their set targets. Since he is the manager, he handles all the aspects of a project; whether technical, financial, or resource management. He performs all major management functions of planning, resourcing, controlling and analysis. His profile is common to several domains and hence we have project managers working for civil projects, software project, marketing projects, etc. We have presented the skills and responsibilities in this resume that are generally expected in a candidate applying for this post. Feel free to customize this template as per qualifications and experience expected by the recruiter for the position you are applying for.

Junior Project Manager Resume Sample

Ryan Olsen
Address:18N, Vincent Street, San Diego, CA
Telephone Number: 366 -174 - 5689
Email Id: ryanolsen@example.com

Career Objective

To acquire the position of a junior project manager where I can learn to implement the management principles practically and get an opportunity to sharpen my management abilities by working under an management expert

Key Skills

Work Experience

Position: Junior Project Manager
Company Name: McKesson Property Developers Inc., San Diego
Period of Work: May 2010 - till date

Functions and Responsibilities:

Position: Trainee Project Manager
Company Name: McKesson Property Developers Inc., San Diego
Period of Work: October 2009 - April 2010

Functions and Responsibilities:

Educational Qualifications

Name of Course: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
Name of Institute: San Diego University
Year of Passing: 2007


Name of Course: Certified Project Management Professional
Name of Institute: Project Management Institute, San Diego
Year of Passing: 2008


Name: Clara Samuels
Professional Details: Chief Project Manager
McKesson Property Developers Inc., San Diego
Contact Details: 699 - 141 - 2526

We have given here a generic description of the work profile of a project manager in this junior project manager resume. The responsibilities differ a bit as per the characteristics of the work field. You are free to use this template as it is for your resume. However, remember to make changes to the responsibilities section to match it up with your actual work profile.

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