Regional Administrative Manager Resume

We have presented here a regional administrative manager resume. The resume is aimed at bringing forth the responsibilities of an administrative manager who handles the activities of a particular region. Job seekers who are keen on making a career in administration field are free to refer to this resume template for reference.

When a business expands, it goes beyond geographical boundaries and sets up branches in other cities. It becomes difficult for the manager, present at the main office, to take care of the business established elsewhere. Hence, it becomes vital to have a regional authority who takes responsibility for the activities that take place within one region. A regional administrative manager is in-charge of managing the activities of a specific region. Since he is the manager, he provides leadership to all departments of the organization. He acts as a mediator between the management at the head office and the staff at the branch office. He conveys the policies and goals set by the head office and makes strategies for the staff at the branch office to follow. He supervises the behavior and performance of the staff members. Being the administrative head, he handles all the paper work related to appointment, promotion and resignation of employees. He takes disciplinary action against the offenders. Also, he arranges the basic amenities of travel, food, stationery, and other resources that make work easy for the staff members.

Sample Regional Administrative Manager Resume

Stephen Samuels
Address: 16, North Wellington Street,
Kingston Park, Tucson, AZ 57784
Contact Number: 622 - 147 - 8596
Email Id:

Career Objective

Secure the position of a regional administrative manager and provide effective leadership to the activities of the branch office. To establish coordination between the head office and branch office and maintain healthy communication between the two offices.

Key Skills

Educational Qualifications

Course NameUniversity NameGradeYear of Passing
Master's Degree in Business AdministrationTucson UniversityGrade B2008
Bachelor's Degree in Business ManagementTucson UniversityGrade B+2007

Work Experience

From November 2010 - till date
Designation: Regional Administrative Manager
Organization: Voltaic Manufacturing Inc,
Location: Tucson, AZ

From October September 2009 till October 2010
Designation: Administration Executive
Organization: Wellness Industries Inc,
Location: Tucson, AZ

Internship Details

Worked as a Business Development Officer with Pulse Marketers Inc., Tucson for a period of 6 months. My responsibilities included communicating with clients, promoting organization's services, finding clients for the organization, managing databases, and performing public relations development tasks. This experience introduced me to different business administration functions. It helped me improve my communication and coordination skills.

Personal Details

Name: Stephen Samuels
Date of Birth: May 16th 1987
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Married
Interests: Stamp Collection
Nationality: American
Current Location: Tucson
Preferred Location: Anywhere in Arizona


Name: Emily Greens
Designation: General Manager
Contact Number: 322 - 789 - 4561
Email Id:

This regional administrative manager resume is recommended for all those who wish to acquire senior positions in an organization. An administrative resume is expected to highlight the managerial and problem solving skills of the candidate. Since it is a senior level position, the candidate must portray his ability of handling responsibilities and managing crisis. We hope that this resume sets a fine example for all the job seekers.

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