Senior Supply Operation Manager Resume

A Senior Supply Operation Manager oversees the production process of a material/product from the initial stage to the point at which the material is ready for sale. Senior Supply Operation Manager Plans, develops, manufactures as well as handles distribution of the goods to the clients. Seniors Supply Operation Manager plays an essential role in the success and development of an organization.

Here is a Senior Supply Operation Manager resume for your perusal. It focuses on key skills of creating a good resume. This Senior Operation Manager resume highlights the core competencies, qualifications and job responsibilities of the applicant. Make sure to customize the resume and draft it in a reverse chronological format. This resume will meet the requirements of your hiring manager.

Sample Senior Supply Operation Manager Resume

George Steven T. Hawkins
803 Bridleway Court
Williams, CA 95510
Cell :( 808) 777-8734

Career Profile:Seeking the position of a Senior Supply Chain Operation Manager to utilize my experience and abilities in a well established organization.

Professional Experience:

Organization: Transportation Mid Co, California
Duration: April 2009 till date
Designation: Senior Supply Operation Manager

Organization: Barrilion Services, California
Duration: October 2006 to March 2009
Designation: Supply Operation Manager

Core Competencies:

Educational Summary:

Personal Details:

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