Assistant Account Executive Resume

An assistant account executive works with the account executives in the organization. It is his responsibility to help the seniors in ensuring that the projects they are entrusted with are completed on time. They have to interact with the clients and ensure the continuation of good communication. They conduct market research and prepare related documents as well. Mostly, to obtain this job, the applicant needs to have a degree or two in business administration. Along with that, excellent communication skills are a must, because fetching more clients is the basic job of this individual. This sample resume works nicely to demonstrate these qualities possessed by this candidate, which make him suitable for this post.

Sample Assistant Account Executive Resume

Chaz Paul
756, B. Martin ST
San Francisco, CA, 56478
(981) 243- 4781

Career Goal

In search of a position of assistant account executive in a good agency, which will help me to hone my skills and make me ready for even higher responsibilities.

Educational Background

Professional Affiliation

Professional Excellence Summary

Computer Programming Skills

Professional Background

2003 - Present date: Work as the Assistant Account Executive for The Priest Associates, Florida with the following responsibilities

1998 - 2002: Worked as the Account Supervisor for The Anderson Group, Memphis with the following responsibilities 1996 - 1998: Worked during the Advertising Internship for Glory Agency, Dallas with the following responsibilities

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