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Today, selling everything right from a small paperweight to an LED television screen requires marketing if you want the business to scale new heights. To do this, you would require marketing professionals who are apt at this job. Marketing resumes can be for different profiles from advertising, publicity to digital marketing.

With everything being advertised in the best possible way, using the Internet or with the help of lucrative ad campaigns, the competition for marketing a product has become even more intense. When you have decided to pursue a career in this domain, you already know the importance of branding a product. Similar is the case when you are supposed to sell yourself to a probable employer.

Writing an effective marketing resume becomes a top priority when you decide to start, or are already pursuing a career in this domain.

Resume is a marketing tool with which you are looking forward to impressing an employer. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what must be included in the document for the same.

By doing this, you get to know points like how to build your own brand, how to stand out in the crowd of job seekers, how to sell yourself to an employer and convince a hiring manager of the benefits you would bring to the table or finally how to bag an interview.

Marketing professionals must bear in mind that a resume is the most important document they will ever write for selling themselves irrespective of the industry they are going to work for. These points will give you a layout of all the things to be included in a marketing resume. Tailor your document as per need and know how to write the different sections in it.

By following these guidelines and taking reference from the samples present on our site, you will be able to write a winning resume that would make you stand out from the crowd.

Decide on a template:

The hiring managers often have to do the monotonous task of glancing at thousands of resumes for a limited job opening. They get bored with similar formats written in black and white. When you are applying for a marketing position, you can take that liberty of getting a bit creative and adding some colors to your document. However, the key is not to overdo it. Decide on the format which you are going to use.

Include contact information:

Write your full name in the center of the document right at the top. This way, it becomes easier for the hiring manager to contact a candidate if shortlisted. Add basic information namely, residential address, correct mobile number, and an email address that looks professional. If you don't have it, make a new one, but never used email addresses that are funny, complicated or were made in school.

Add a career summary section at the top:

The next section on your resume must demonstrate your value to the employer. Instead of writing a single-line objective that tells you are seeking a job, write a concise paragraph of 3 - 4 sentences, which summarizes your core strengths and key accomplishments. It highlights what significant performances you have delivered in the past and what benefits you would bring to the table.

Marketing Resume

Sharpen your skills section:

Providing a two-page long list of your skill-set would diminish the interest of any hiring manager, and he would probably throw your resume into a trash bin. You might have great marketing skills, but it is necessary to understand what to include in this section or which skill is more relevant to the profile you are applying for. In particular, hiring managers would look for certain skills related to business, communication , negotiation, critical and analytical thinking. A comprehensive understanding of social media is necessary and knowledge of how to use it for selling the company's product is required for every branch of marketing. Make sure you include relevant skills but try not to be too vague or general.

Quantify work experience:

Claiming you have done fantastic marketing for different products is something great but having a backup that supports your claims is a bonus. When you mention the highlights of previous work experience, talk in numbers or provide links to the page where it is easily visible. While mentioning the past organizations you were employed at, include stats or quantitative figures when you are talking about the responsibilities handled. Your online presence is a vital part when working in this field.

Add an achievements section:

To stand out from the crowd, you can have an extra section that talks only about your accomplishments along with concrete proof. Be precise with your buzzwords. The keywords you use are going to be the selling point of your document. Hence, they must portray your value and also be relevant to the job profile you are seeking. While writing the bullet points in this section, choose your words wisely and try to write simple words but those which make an impact.


Keep the education section simple. Include the degree, where you have got them, and when. Add professional certifications in the sub-section. Avoid putting extra information in this section like GPA for every academic year, or minor academic awards.

The above points will help you understand how manager resumes are best structured and what is the right way to write them. From this page, you can get different samples to get started. We provide you suggestions and ideas on how to write your marketing resume in various resume samples present below.

Sample Marketing Resume

Checkout our sample marketing resumes below:

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