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Sample Copywriter Advertising Resume

Elizabeth Bennett
15th Lane Avenue, Near New church, Georgina
Home: 00658-21589-98754
Cell: 00125-4587-9685

Career Profile:
A skilled and talented advertising copywriter with more than eight years of experience in writing advertising copy materials for broadcast media and publication houses. Looking for a position to generate advertising materials and persuasive marketing in a well established organization

Professional strengths:

Professional Experience:

ABC, Media House Inc., Georgina
20XX till date
Copywriter Advertiser

SEL Media Publication House, Georgina
20XX to 20XX
Senior Copywriter

Media Publishing Co Inc, Georgina
19XX to 20XX

Educational Summary:

Will be available on request

Writing an attractive and meaningful copy is one of the secrets of the success of an advertisement. And an advert copywriter strives for this very thing. First of all, he has to have good English skills. Now, there is a vast difference between spoken and written English. Hence, this professional needs to understand the difference between these two. His job is to express his message to a vast audience in as less words as possible. Moreover, he should bear in mind the type of population he is targeting and then decide the type of language he is going to use; because everyone who reads the ad needs to understand it for it to be effective.

Sample Ad Copywriter Resume 2

Adolfo Torres
237, 56th ST,
California, CA, 49573
(321) 783- 3478

Career Goal

A professional opportunity in that to perform as Ad Copywriter in management, marketing as well as computer graphics set up.

Educational Background

Computer Programming Skills Professional Background

2002 - Present date: Work as the Direct Mail Ad Copywriter for the Joseph Johnson Art Catalogs, Florida with the following responsibilities

1997 - 2002: Worked as the Senior Creative Writer for the Floyd Designing Associates, California with the following responsibilities 1995 - 1997: Worked as the public relationship Assistant for the Maiden College, New Jersey with the following responsibilities

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