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Before preparing a digital marketing resume, one should know the role of digital marketing workforce. One should know the meaning of digital marketing as a whole and not only his/her 'work profile', to prepare a good resume for the job of digital marketing.

Knowing digital marketing as a whole concept and application will help him/her to decide his/her future career path and design his/her resume accordingly. Though digital marketing is not a very complex concept, it does not have any specific definition.

Today, every field of business is taking help of internet to market their products and services. So the role of marketing personnel has changed too.

They are using online tools to accomplish their business goals. Using these online tools and techniques to achieve business success is known as digital marketing. Some of the examples of digital marketing techniques are email marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (Paid search marketing), etc.

Basically, these are divided in to pull and push marketing techniques. Digital marketing personnel use one or more marketing techniques which are suitable for his/her company and product.

So whilst preparing a digital marketing resume, You should know following things.

A Sample of Digital Marketing Resume

22, Park street,
New York,USA
Kate Anderson

Career Objective

To achieve success in the field of digital marketing and grow with the organization

Summary of Digital Marketing Techniques Used

Work Profile

Pigeon Technicals Ltd
January 2008 - Present
Digital Marketing Specialist



Sparrow Technologies
April 2005 - December 2007
Digital Marketing Executive



Software Skills Used

Academic Credentials



Above is the sample of digital marketing specialist resume, but one can also write digital marketing resume for freshmen in a similar pattern. He/She needs to replace work experience with project experience or internship experience. Similarly, he/she needs to make changes in the summary of digital marketing techniques used and software technologies used according to experience. In the reference field, you should add references of your internship superiors or college teachers according to your experience. We hope that this sample resume will give you an idea to create a resume according to your experience and qualification.

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