Manufacturer's Representative Resume

Manufacturer's representatives are also known as sales agents and their main objective is to sell products and services to wholesale and retail clients on behalf of the manufacturer. They play an important part in promoting new products to specific markets as well as existing products to clients who are unaware of them. Most of them represent more than one manufacturer and work on a contract basis. As with any other professionals in the field of marketing and sales, manufacturer's representatives have to possess excellent knowledge about the product and good interpersonal skills in order to convince the prospective client during the sales pitch. These features as well as past career and educational information must be present on the resume in a professionally appealing manner as it is the first form of communication between the applicant and the hiring manager. Refer to the sample manufacturer's representative resume given below to gain better understanding on writing your own resume.

Sample Manufacturer's Representative Resume

Wendell C. Newman
17 Barnes Street
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: 407-326-1934
Email ID:

Career Goal

A professional opportunity in that to perform as a representative in manufacturer management in administrative and marketing set up.

Educational Background

Professional Excellence Summary

Computer Programming Skills

Professional Background

2002- Present date: Worked as the area manufacturing representative for the Guns and Roses Manufacturing Corporation, Toronto with the following responsibilities

1993- 2001: Worked as Territorial Manufacturing Representative for Sabbath Corporations, Florida with the following responsibilities

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