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A market research analyst is a skilled professional who gathers information about the general buying tendencies of a group of people. They help the core production and sales team in determining what products have to be sold to a particular set of people on the basis of their age, location and gender. They use a variety of tools such as questionnaires, interviews and surveys in order to gain information from the general public about their past buying history and their preferences in buying a product. A thorough knowledge of data gathering tools and computer software programs such as MS Excel and PowerPoint is essential for any market research analyst to have. A bachelor's degree in any field is generally considered the minimum educational qualification required for this position. These educational details along with your past experience in the field of marketing should reflect in your resume in an appealing form as it is the first form of communication between you and the hiring manager of the organization.

The sample market research analyst resume will help you to build your own resume for applying to the job of market research analyst.

Sample Market Research Analyst Resume 1

John A. McGuire
2913 Hidden Meadow Drive
Marion, ND 58466
Phone: 625-917-2645
Email ID:

Career Goal

Obtain a respective position as a Marketing Research Administrator in various fields of manufacturing as well as marketing.

Educational Background

Obtained Professional Awards

Computer Programming Skills

Professional Background

2001- Present date: Work as the Market Research Analyst for the Rat Associates, Philadelphia with the following responsibilities

1996- 2001: Worked as the Market Researcher for the Judas priest Company, New York with the following responsibilities 1993- 1996: Worked as the Market Researcher for the Harris Inc., Dallas with following responsibilities

Sample Market Research Analyst Resume 2

Richard Anderson
1234, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890.

Objective: To use the marketing and problem-solving knowledge in marketing analysis/research position for my career growth.

Professional Experience:

1991 - Present: Market Research Analyst
Briody Associate, Derry, New Hampshire

1986 - 1991: Market Researcher
Thomson's Company , Manchester, New Hampshire

1984 - 1986: Market Researcher
Steven Inc, Derry, New Hampshire

Education Details:

Babson Institute, Wellesley, CA
M.B.A., 1984

University of Princeton, North Jersey
B.A., Psychology, 1982


United States Medal: Management Excellence, 1990
Business Board Member: Yearbook Publication Inc. of Princeton, 1982

Macintosh and IBM. Microsoft Word and Lotus 1-2-3.

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