Marketing and Sales Director Resume

A marketing and sales director is responsible for the smooth functioning of the sales teams which work under him. He chalks out strategies for them and makes them deliver results, in order to increase the value of the brand, and ultimately, the sales. This director looks into both the spheres, marketing as well as sales. He manages the budgets related to his trade and also prepares new ones. Also training and orientation of his teams falls under his ambit. This professional requires certain qualities such as leadership skills, good communication, excellent track record of being a delivering sales person, managerial skills amongst others. For obtaining this position in a good company, a good resume is a must. For that, you will need some good examples to follow. This sample will do that for you.

Sample Marketing and Sales Director Resume

Jaime Floyd
8423, Mariposa Road,
Long beach, CA, 78439
(231) 498- 8934

Career Goal

Obtain a respective position as a Marketing and Sales Administrator in various fields of Sales as well as marketing.

Educational Background

Professional Affiliation

Computer Programming Skills

Professional Background

2001- Present date: Work as the Marketing Director for the Osborn Industries, Florida with the following responsibilities

1995- 2001: Worked as the Marketing Director for the Counts Corporation, Boston with following responsibilities

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