Marketing Intern Resume

A marketing career, just like any other profession, needs a launch pad. If you are taking up this profession, you have to carve your path through an internship program. Whether you will earn or not during this period will solely depend on the employer. Even if you are not paid, the work experience certificate you will receive at the end is much worth than the money you haven't earned.

As a marketing intern, you will be providing administrative and research support. You are also expected to provide creative inputs in order to improve the public image of the company, improve customer service, and bring in new product designs. Further, you will need to maintain constant communication with your clients and managers of all the departments.

Based on the role you will be playing, your marketing intern resume must highlight administrative, communication, creative, and research skills.

Sample Marketing Intern Resume

George C. Quiroz
2363 Walt Nuzum Farm Road
Java, NY 14082
Phone: 585-457-8235
Career Objective:

To work as a marketing intern with a leading marketing & communications company and contributed my skills from initialization to execution of marketing campaigns for all types of clients.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Retail Sales Associate
My Star Electronics, Java, NY
October 2016 - Present

Marketing Trainee
Planet Stores, Java, NY
February 2016 - September 2016



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