Marketing Manager Resume

This sample resume is of a marketing manager, who is presently employed in Morisson Press. This professional needs to have enough experience in order to handle some important responsibilities. He has to look after different marketing teams, get work done from them and make them deliver. He also has to keep a holistic view of the things and develop strategies for marketing aggressively and hence promote the brand. He also looks after budgeting issues and other financial matters related to the marketing side of the organization. This individual has to have both, marketing as well as managerial skill along with a drive to succeed.

Sample Marketing Manager Resume

Wilson Hale
347, West Palm Lane
Santa Ana, CA, 75394
(290) 693- 5821

Career Goal

Obtain a respective career in administrative or management position in the marketing field. Educational Background

Professional Excellence Summary

Computer Programming Skills

Professional Backgrounds

2003- Present date: Work as the Marketing Manager for the Morrison Press, Las Vegas with the following responsibilities

1998- 2002: Worked as the Editorial Coordinator for the Adolescent Books Division, New York with the following responsibility 1996- 1998: Worked as the Editorial Associate for The Doors Publication House, New York with the following responsibilities

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