Marketing Writer Resume

As in many other fields, good written material is the most essential part of a marketing campaign. For, without a good written word, the campaign would be lacking teeth. The marketing writers who are employed by many organizations work towards this goal. These professionals are responsible for researching the market needs at the particular period of time and then write good content for the brochures, press releases, different manuals and a plethora of other requirements. Such a writer needs a prerequisite of good English skills combined with an ability to meet deadlines and targets. Obviously this job requires to have the perfect resume, which is what the sample resume provided can be called.

Sample Marketing Writer Resume

Edwin Gregory
274, East River Road,
Fresno, CA, 67843
(962) 428- 5473


Professional writer with an experience of more than 8 years in market writing seeking a challenging role.



Marketing Writer
Business Circulation, Burlington City, California


University of California, California
Bachelor in Arts in Marketing

Maryland College, California
High School


Mr. Joseph Karl
Sr. Editor
Business Circulation, Burlington City, California

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