Online Marketing Manager Resume

The importance of online marketing in generating revenue for small as well as large businesses cannot be stressed enough. Online marketing managers are responsible for handling the online marketing accounts of various clients or the organization they are working for. They manage various accounts such as AdSense and bid for keywords in order to use them to place ads on a search engine or the content of other websites. The use of traditional marketing strategies along with knowledge about the working of websites and online traffic is implemented by them. A bachelor's degree in marketing or sales along with prior experience in the field of online marketing is essential for any person looking to work as an online marketing manager. These details along with any other achievements that are relevant to the job should be mentioned on the resume in a concise and easy to read format. Refer to the sample online marketing manager resume given below to know more about how to write your own professionally appealing resume.

Sample Online Marketing Manager Resume

Doris C. Kelly
4289 Confederate Drive
Mino, NY 13116
Phone: 645-697-9464
Email ID:

Career Goal

To get a demanding post in a Marketing with a concentration on the e-commerce, SEO, digital media and website support.

Online Marketing Expertise (Advanced) :

Software :
MS Office, Photoshop, Dream Weaver, Paint Shop Pro, DeepMetrix, MySQL, Conversion Ruler

Work Experiences :

Stork Broadcasting, LLC Tucson, Arizona
Director of Marketing
(2002 to Present)

Hired to grow marketing strategies and develop client relationships through conventional and the online marketing existence for internet a B2C initiate transporting online sales & charge of the medical equipment

Tucson Specialists, Arizona
Internet Marketing Manager
(2004 - Present)

Hired to grow online marketing approach and capitalize on ROI through improved web existence

Education Details :

Colorado University, Boulder, 1996

Interests or Activity :

Fine Art Cinematography, Architecture, Modern Designing and furniture, Optimization, Internet study, Snowboarding, Tennis, Backpacking, Golf

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