Technical Marketing Resume

Technical marketing is a branch of marketing that mainly deals with the marketing and sales of computer hardware and software products. Any person working in this sub-field of marketing must possess good marketing skills as well as adequate knowledge about the functioning of the products that they sell. Technical marketing managers are responsible for the performance of their team and have a number of technical marketing agents and associates that work under them. They report to the director of the technical marketing department and provide them with periodic reports about the progress and achievements of the team. Most managers in this field start their careers as entry level agents and then climb up the hierarchical ladder on the basis of their performance, experience and skills displayed on the job. While applying for such jobs, one must possess a professionally appealing resume that attracts the attention of the reader. Refer to the sample technical marketing resume given below to gain better understanding on writing your own resume.

Sample Technical Marketing Resume

Claudia M. Bolton
2087 North Bend River Road
Somerset, KY 42503
Phone: 606-881-5485
Email ID:


Marketing professional with the in-depth knowledge, skills and experience in Customer Relationship Management looking for a company where my skills and experience can be use and nurture. Almost 12 years of experience with the good communication, interpersonal and organizational skills.



Marketing Manager
High Scale Co., Camden, Georgia

Marketing Programs Manager
High Scale Co., Camden, Georgia
2001-2006 Marketing Programs Manager
Clear Graphics, Malibu, California
1997-2001 EDUCATION:

University of California, California
Bachelor of Science in Marketing and international Business

Certified in Computer Programming


Mr. Edward Coline
Managing Director
High Scale Co., Camden, Georgia

Mrs. Karly Simon
Marketing Head
High Scale Co., Camden, Georgia

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