Tele Marketing Manager Resume

Telemarketers are marketing and sales representatives who conducts business via telephone. A Telemarketing manager is a professional person who is mainly responsible for training a telecalling team, telecalling team leader and sales executives. The main responsibility of telemarketing manager is to identify potential customers. To take up such a position, one should possess strong sales skills. It is considered as one of the most challenging fields.

This is a free sample resume for your reference. It is written in simple and effective language. It outlines the essential skills and responsibilities to apply the position. We hope the sample will help you in creating an optimized resume for the application of the mentioned position. The best way to present your resume is to update it with the skills and responsibilities of your present and previous organization.

Sample Tele Marketing Manager Resume

Robert Andrews
5894 southern province, Boston
Near merry lane
Home: 45698-45897-3235
Cell: 002556-7895-1587

Career objective :A skilled and experienced telemarketing professional with more than five years of experienced in the mentioned position. Exposed to diverse business organizations dealing with different service and products. Looking for a challenging position in an organization to utilize my skills and knowledge.

Areas of Interest :

Professional Experience:

ABC Network & Enterprises, Marytown, BC
20XX till date
Telemarketing manager

ATRD Business associate & Co, Marytown, BC
19XX to 20XX
Telemarketing Representatives

Professional Achievements:

Educational summary:
Bachelor of Arts in Business administration, Daffodils College, 19XX
Master of Arts in Marketing, University of Marytown, BC 19XX

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