Public Relation Specialist Resume

In the 21st century, the field of public relations is an extremely vital one in any organization. Having goodwill and healthy relations with the media as well as the general community is essential for any company since this directly affects the public perception about the company. A public relation specialist is a skilled individual, who specializes in this field and acts as a spokesperson on behalf of the company. An educational degree in the field of public relations, communications or even advertising is a must for a public relations specialist. They have to possess excellent communication skills; since the core function of their job is to communicate with other entities. These skills and qualifications along with prior work experience in the field should be mentioned on a public relation specialist's resume.

Sample Public Relation Specialist Resume

Oliver Twist
1265 Camelot Court
Millwood, NY 10569
Cell :( 914) 555-896

Career Profile:
Seeking the position of a Public Relation Specialist where I can make effective use of my knowledge to meet the goals and objectives of the organization.

Core Strengths:

Educational Summary:

Professional Experience:

Media Enterprises Co Inc, NY
20XX till date
Public Relation Specialist

John Communication center, NY
20XX to 20XX
Assistant Public Relation Specialist

Personal Details:


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