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Public relations are hired by business organizations, non-profit organizations, and prominent personalities to build, maintain, and sustain a positive image among the public. To pursue a career in PR, excellent communication skills and knowledge of different media is essential.

Daily duties and responsibilities of a PR person include organizing, coordinating, and conducting press meetings, preparing and delivering presentations, creating and uploading articles about the company's business plans on the social media and blogging platforms, getting them published in newspapers and broadcast on radio, and television.

Above all, maintaining socio-economic status of the organization by conducting charity events and attracting new customers is the main responsibility in this job profile.

To apply for a PR job in your dream company, your resume must present your candidature in a profession manner. How you are highlighting the necessary key skills such as communication, presentation, planning, organizing, coordination, and problem-solving will play a significant role in impressing the recruiters. Besides, providing required job traits, it is necessary to understand what resume format to use and the sections to be included.

Public Relations Resume Format

In general, there are three resume formats. But the most widely used in the job market is the chronological resume format. This resume format is used to highlight the latest work experience since recruiters are more concerned about your present experience. This means, your first job will come last and the last or current at the top. The chronological resume format is best for them who are in the same profession and want to continue it further.

Next is the functional resume. which is apt for those who have had a career gap due to some reasons. It is best suitable when there is a need to emphasize skills rather than experience.

The last one is a combination resume which incorporates the features of both chronological and functional resume. You can emphasize both your skills and work experience in this resume format.

Once you are clear about the resume format to use, include these elements in the resume.

Public Relations Resume

Personal Details
You can be creative while including personal details. There are three ways to lay out this information-left, center, and the right. However, ensure that your personal information such as full name, address, phone number, and email id are at the start of the resume.

Job Objective
If you are just starting your career or have a limited experience, use job objective. When writing it, specify the job you are applying for. Show the skills and abilities you possess for the job. Lastly, show what good things or benefits you can bring to the company with the employment. Conclude your objective in three sentences.

Example: Seeking for a PR Executive position with ABC company , to use my knowledge and skills of public relations in building, maintaining, and sustaining company image and socio-economic status.

Career Summary

This section is experienced candidate with more than five years of experience. Show your experience, skills, and abilities briefly. Ideally, this section, as the name suggests, must summarize the highlights of your career and whatever you have achieved and learned by now. Narrate them in a paragraph consisting four or five lines.

Work Experience & Internships

As you know jobs are offered on the basis of experience, you need to take special care while writing this section. Start with the latest job first if you are using a chronological resume format. Mention the job designation you hold, employer's name, and the employment tenure. Don't include everything about your experience. Just mention five to six main experiences in bullet points that are asked by the employer.

Public Relations Officer
ABC Company, Chicago, IL
April 2015 - August 2018


Use this style to mention your qualification:

We hope with this PR resume writing tips, you will be able to draft an impressive resume. These tips are good for any position in the PR field. If you want real resume sample, you can refer the links provided below.

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