Educational Assistant Resume

The role of educational assistants is to facilitate teaching activities and help teachers in improving education delivered to students. They are hired to assess and identify learning needs of students. They will discuss abilities, strength, and weaknesses of students, participated in meetings with teachers that are held in improving educational programs. The assistants will also observed and report students' behavior to teachers. They have to have the foresight that can enable them to suggest solutions and describe behavioral and emotional objectives of students. These assistants also have to help teachers in planning and executing lesson activities as well as selecting resources. While some institutes will only hire them to assist teachers, there are a few schools and colleges that requires them to teach students in specific subjects.

Sample Educational Assistant Resume

Lori T. Flores
2271 Blackwell Street
Point Hope, AK 99766
Phone: 907-368-5483

Career Objective:

Seeking an educational assistant position with “Trinity College,” to perform a wide range of support activities for the teachers, students, as well as the board.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Educational Assistant
Saint George College, Point Hope, AK
October 2014 - Present

Educational Assistant
High Hills College, Point Hope, AK
February 2013 - September 2014



On request.

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