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Just like you prepare the lesson for students before entering the class, there are certain things to consider before writing a teacher resume. First, the resume must reflect the latest trend. It should match with the current standard resume format that is accepted in your field. Second, it must follow a structure whereby navigating the information must be easy for the hiring managers. And lastly, it needs to have the right elements or sections the educational institutions prefer. That's where referring to teacher resume samples becomes useful. Apart from those samples, it's equally important to be familiar with the resume writing tips so that you can create a job-winning teacher resume.

Things to include in your teacher resume

Contact Information

The first thing that hiring managers look for on your resume is your contact information. This makes them clear who has applied for the job, where does the applicant lives, and how to contact him or her. So begin the resume with your name in bold letter on the top of the page with current residential address on the next line, and then your phone number and email address.

Job Objective or Professional Summary

This is an important section since it's the actual start of the resume. That's why you need to make it interesting. Otherwise, the hiring manager would not read your resume. But before writing it, understand that which one will be right to use. Generally, objective is for those candidates who are new in the field, or don't have enough experience. On the other hand, professional summary is apt for those who are experienced. So when using the objective, name the job applied for, include skills and abilities, your goals, and how you can help the institution.

When writing the summary, focus on your experience, and accomplishments. Don't include everything in detail. The hiring managers would like to read a brief summary of your career. So include only those milestones that you achieved in your career to cement the interview path.

Summary of Skills:

The need of this section is to show the hiring managers that you possess core skills for the teaching job. But when putting your skills under this section, pick up the relevant keywords from the job description and use them so that it echoes with the need of the institution. Also, ensure that your skills are relevant to the present time. For instance, all educational institutions expect teachers to be able to incorporate technology into teaching. Therefore, show your competency in working with computer, laptops, tablets, projectors, and classroom software. There are other skills as well that are expected from teachers such as research, creative, interpersonal, and classroom management. So whether these are asked or not, feel free to include them.

Teacher Resumes

Professional Experience

The mistake most teachers do when writing this section is that they just include their duties and responsibilities. Why they fail to make it impressive is because of not detailing accomplishments. So don't follow them and do remember that recruiters want to see your achievements and not duties and responsibilities since they're already aware of that. Most importantly, your accomplishments must be relevant to the job. You cannot state that arranging and monitoring a batch of 100 students for a picnic as your accomplishment. Rather, mention something on this line. Extra classes or guidance for students, difference brought in test scores of students, and assessing progress of 'n' number of students.

Take care to make this section readable and easily understandable. For this, use bullet point for each accomplishment and try to quantify it. In case you are lacking accomplishments, you can still quantify it by stating the number of students you have taught. If you've helped students in preparing for the examination or the administration in refining course curriculum, state the number of students that are benefited due to your efforts.

Education and Certifications

Formal education is necessary in every field, and teaching is no different. To ensure you are qualified for teaching, every institution sets an education criterion. Mostly, teachers are expected to hold a bachelor's degree. If you've chosen to educate children with special needs, then a BS in Special Education is must. Along with this, an additional certification such as the Certified Autism Specialist (CAS), or Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Certification can make your teacher resume more impressive.

If at the time of applying, you are expecting any certifications, include them as well. To mention them, use a separate Certification section. Remember, the certification requirements differ from state to state. So know which one is required in your state and add it accordingly.

Tailor resume for each job

It's understood that writing a teacher resume is a tedious job. That's why most teachers just draft one and use it anytime they want to apply for a job. If you're are applying for a different role in the teaching environment, re-create your resume tailored to that job. Highlight your experience depending on the job requirements so that the resume is totally different than your previous one.

We have created numerous teacher resume samples and provided the links below so that you can use the above-mentioned tips and the specific resume sample to your requirement for drafting a job-winning resume.

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Remember, your resume will only get a few seconds attention, at best! You have to generate interest right away, in the first sentence they lay their eyes on. Having an objective statement that really sizzles is highly effective.

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