Foreign Language Teacher Resume

The responsibilities of a foreign language teacher is to teach a foreign language to students at school. To do the job, he or she has to be an expert in any one foreign language such as German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Korean. The teacher will start from vocabulary, pronunciations, grammar, and end with taking tests and grading students. With government and private agencies, the person may help adults or employees learn a foreign language that will help them in their work. Overall, the role is to make people proficient in reading, writing, and speaking the language. The person may be self-employed as well and start his or her own coaching center in a foreign language.

Sample Foreign Language Teacher Resume

Robert S. Miller
690 Nelm Street
Beltsville, VA 20705
Phone: 571-332-2690

Career Objective:

Looking for a foreign teacher position with “Progressive City Public School,” and help students learn German language skills.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

German Language Teacher
Jesus Convent School, Beltsville, VA
October 2014 - Present

German Teacher
Dodo High School, Beltsville, VA
February 2013 - September 2014

Education: Reference:

On request.

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