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A high school teacher teaches any one subject to students from 9 – 12 grades. He or she may teach history, math, science, art, drama, music, or English. The role the person plays in students' lives at the academic level shapes the future of students. For the teacher is the one who ignites passion in children for a particular subject. To influence someone, the teacher need to develop his or her unique skills in teaching. The way the subjects are taught and explained to students helps in grasping the essence of the topic. Unlike old days when computers have not entered into education sectors, today's educational scenario is completely changed. Now as technology has spearheaded in every sphere of life, using computers in teaching and instructing has become inevitable. So, no matter what subject the teacher is teaching, the person must familiarize himself or herself with the use of technology. That's the reason any school management looks for computer knowledge in a resume. The following resume sample is of a high school science teacher that you can use it in case your teaching subject is the same.

Sample High School Teacher Resume

Ralph S. Alfaro
862 Clark Street
Deerpark, NY 11729
Phone: 631-274-3220
Email: rsalfaro@anymail.com
Career Objective:

I was awestruck by the amazing power of science right from my school days and decided to choose the teaching profession to share my knowledge with others. I would like to have the opportunity to work as a science teacher with your esteemed school and help increase student learning, and assist the administration of the school.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Science Teacher
St. Francis High School, Deerpark, NY
October 2014 - Present

Science Teacher
Trinity School, Deerpark, NY
February 2013 - September 2014



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