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Math teachers teach one of the subject in mathematics at secondary and high school level. They may teach either algebra or geometry based on their interest and expertise. To teach students basic and advanced mathematics, these teachers have to be clear on mathematical concepts. Given the complexity of the subject, they need to develop various ways to teach and enable students of different intelligence understand the topics easily. The daily duties include preparing and delivering lesson plan in the class, solves students' problems, and assign homework. The teachers have to administer test to see if students have understood the topic clearly. The test results provides them a clear picture on how the students have taken the topic.

Math Teacher Resume Sample

Michael K. Rau
736 Boone Crockett Lane
Portland, WA 97205
Phone: 360-430-8426

Career objective:

Looking for a math teacher position with “St. Joseph High School,” to teach algebra and geometry to students by using unique teaching formulas that will help students understand mathematics concepts easily.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Math Teacher
Victory High School, Portland, WA
October 2014 - Present

Math Teacher
St. Joseph High School, Portland, WA
February 2012 - September 2014



On request.

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