Digital Image Processing Resume

This Digital image processing resume caters to the job searching efforts of those who want to make a career in image processing. This resume brings forth the duties and responsibilities performed by this technician. It presents the importance of his role in digital imaging. Candidates are free to draw reference from this template and develop a professional resume for their needs.

Digital processing is the advanced stage of analog image processing. It includes applications of computer algorithms to alter and process the images digitally. It allows a wider scope of data to be used that facilitates working on finer aspects of image features. A digital imaging technician makes use of various software, tools and techniques to bring about alterations in images. They reduce the picture composition to its smallest pixel. Processing allows enhancing the picture quality and upgrading it to its expected standards. Any candidate who wishes to work in this field needs to be proficient in image processing techniques. He must have acute sense of precision and accuracy that ensures that the image retouching is done perfectly. Also, he needs to be adept at communicating with seniors and gathering sufficient details that will help him make accurate changes. Also, he needs to keep updates on the latest technologies that get introduced in the market. This knowledge will certainly help him to stay abreast with the latest technology to be adopted at work.

Sample Digital Image Processing Resume

Reggie Clark
Address: 14C, Excel Street, Austin, TX 59874
Contact Number: (687) 895 2631
Email Id:

Career Objective

To work in an established production unit and utilize my competence in image processing procedures for providing effective visuals for the production team. To gain an opportunity that will allow me to learn and master the latest imaging techniques.

Key Skills

Work Experience

Designation: Digital Image Processing Technician
Organization: Stevenson Digital Imaging Studios, Austin
Duration: December 2009 - till date

Designation: Digital Image Processing Technician
Organization: Excalibur Media Studios, Austin
Duration: October 2008 - November 2009

Educational Qualifications

Personal Details

Name: Reggie Clark
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: June 15th 1988
Marital Status: Male
Current Location: Austin
Preferred Location: Anywhere in Texas
Willing to Travel: YES
Citizenship: US Citizen


Name: Alex Harvey
Designation: Project Technical Lead
Organization: Stevenson Digital Imaging Studios, Austin
Contact Number: (366) 598 2604
Email Id:

Digital image processing resume can be adopted by any job seeker who wishes to make a mark in imaging technology. Utilize the format presented here to portray your strengths and capabilities that will help you handle responsibilities given in the job description. Always keep the job vacancy advertisements as your reference since it conveys what the recruiter expects in the candidate. We hope this resume will help you find solutions to your resume writing confusions. We wish you good luck for your future.

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