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Advertising is essential to promote a product and service and to reach the target audience. It is a creative field where people with strong convincing, persuasive, and presentation skills are required. As it is one of the most powerful mediums to boost business, it has emerged as one of the competitive careers in today's world. The field of advertising has also branched out different job profiles and the business mainly deals with creativity and innovative marketing strategies to sell a product or service. The same applies when you are drafting a marketing tool for yourself. Therefore, whether you are just starting in this industry or are a seasoned veteran, writing a concise advertising resume is must as it opens the doors of job opportunities. If you can conceptualize, present, and sell any product and service, advertising is a right field for you. Advertising Resume

How to write Advertising resumes?

You need to format your advertising resume in a professional manner. It should be written using the correct font and also include appropriate white spaces. The resume must highlight your key skills, abilities, significant accomplishments as well as career goals. A personal branding statement that catches the eyes of the recruiter must be included. Also, include the skills you have learned while working in different organizations.

This type of resume is usually written in regular 12-point font in Times New Roman or Sans Serif. You must understand the profile you are applying for and tailor your resume as per the role. For example, if you have applied for the role of a designer, your resume must exude creativity to create a powerful impression. You have handled numerous clients, but including all of them can become lengthy. Instead, write a precise summary section at the start and include points like key skills, years of experience and major accomplishments. Avoid too many adjectives in this section.

In such resumes, add the right advertising buzzwords to create an impact and include the types of industries you have worked in. Mention your specific achievements at the top of the page. In addition to this, include sections related to summary of skills, work experience, honors and awards, internships, associations/membership, education and relevant personal interests. If you are a fresher in this field, highlight achievements obtained during the degree course. You can elaborate about college project or also demonstrate projects that you have done on an individual basis to prove your worth.

When you are writing an advertising resume, observe the following points:

The hiring managers who read lots of resumes are savvy as well as skeptical about candidates and can lose interest in a candidate's application if the resume is filled with too many exaggerations. Tailor your resumes for a particular job profile in this field by referring to samples available for multiple advertising roles at BSR.

Samples of Advertising Resumes

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