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Careers in Advertising

Advertising concept existed from a very long time. King Eric first used this concept for the southern coast. He influenced immigrants to depart Norway and stay on the island. To do this, he arranged for a picture of Rolling Meadows, moderate weather, and green farms. He named this island as Greenland. With this concept, King Eric created a trademark and many people headed to the west to acquire some land in Greenland.

Nowadays, advertising is no longer similar to the traditional method which resorted to lies to get their audience to take notice of a particular brand. In order to promote their product, one has to create clever, unique, creative, revealing and eye-catching campaigns that stand out in an increasingly jumbled world of information.

Advertising is mainly concerned with developing and locating brands, and influencing clients to purchase them through messages portrayed by the media. Brand is the foundation of advertising. Clothes you wear, shoes, your car, your bank, all are brands. According to David Ogilvy (pioneer of Ogilvy & Mather ), brand is the subtle sum of a product's quality including its name, packaging and price, history, reputation and advertisement.

Brand is also defined as product's unique quality, promise of value and trust which differentiates it from its challengers. An advertising agency is responsible for utilizing each tool to enhance the brand with essence and provide it with character that is best suited to the customers' values and demands.

When you develop a brand properly, customers build up a touching relationship with the brand. Clever advertisers use this very well and fix value to the product by creating the expectation of a greater knowledge. Usually, customers purchase products as well as services just for functionality. However, purchasing a product goes far beyond that. It connects if built appropriately, and transforms into an emotionally attaching and rewarding experience. It helps to win a faithful, enthusiastic customer.

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