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As every organization has people, that means every organization also requires human resources professionals. Human resource department assist in handling and developing the personnel in a business. The HR department is also known as talent or personnel management.

Human resource department is responsible for searching and recruiting human resources, assisting them to learn and develop in the organization and also handling the course of action when the employees leave. Human resources department look after the employees from the time they are keen to join the organization till they leave.

These days, human resources is a rapidly growing profession. However, this was not the case before. Till 1900, the human resources department did not exist. The functions of human resources were managed by the employees themselves or the bosses. With time, the number of workers increased and the human resources department became a necessity.

Around 1900, there was a lot of development and transformation in the workplace including automated machines which led to the creation of human resources. Because of the adding up of machineries, factories run more smoothly and efficiently. But to run these machineries, companies required skilled workers who knew how to use them.

A well known researcher and businessman, Frederick Taylor initiated the idea of scientific management. Taylor's theory brought up new rules and regulations in terms of the workplace. According to Taylor's theory, there is only one best way to do a job. He expended a lot of time in gathering data on various scientific tasks and workers who accomplished those tasks.

Workers with good performance stayed in employment and were well salaried. However, those who didn't perform were fired. Taylor's theory was the first one to be practiced for increasing the productivity of the workers. However, the robotic approach of his theory didn't prove to be an efficient management tool. Even though, his work gave us an idea about the importance of management of the employees to increase productivity.

Taylor's work largely concentrates on the company's success rather than that of the employee. This prompted many businesses to start personalizing the workplace and look forward to the introduction of the HR department. The earliest HR professional was called a welfare secretary whose was responsible for keeping the interests of the workers intact. Some of the functions of a welfare manager were creating libraries as well as setting up a recreation region in the workplace, and also providing primary medical and health programs.

Hence, many businesses started to hire several welfare secretaries with different responsibilities. One was responsible for recruiting employees, the other concentrated on employee benefits while someone else took care of the training of workers. Such specialties are developed in the human resources department today.

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