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About Journalism Industry:

Journalism is a vast field and it is growing day by day. During the early days, it was limited to the newspapers but now television, radio and internet are also contributing factors in journalism. Newspaper publishers do not depend on newspapers solely, they give it a new turn either by collaborating with the news channels or by working on internet news.

The industry of newspaper journalism is divided into daily, weekly and monthly publications. Magazines bond together the people with the same hobbies, interests and knowledge. It spreads awareness and gives detailed information on a specific topic.

Today, television is the biggest source of news and journalism. It provides us with live moments, interviews and events. Through television, we could capture the sight and sound of the real moments. Hence, television is more popular among people rather than other journalism mediums. Radio is also another great source of journalism and it is the least expensive. These different segments of journalism require different abilities and skills to fulfill their goals.

Revenue in journalism is generated in two ways; one is through advertisements and other by the increase in the number of readers, listeners or viewers. Advertisements are fragmented into three broad divisions i.e. local, regional and national.

Journalism is not limited to the advertisements and production, it also requires efforts, hard work, curiosity, imagination, ability to analyze, working long hours and general knowledge. It is one of the most reputed works along with lots of criticism. It requires struggle and hard work. Journalists who have to conduct interviews must be very confident and attentive. Journalism is not limited to fixed working hours, you will also have to work late nights at times.

There is a vast career opportunity in the journalism industry, as it focuses on editorial, telecommunication, broadcast, marketing, camera, sales and productions. One should be familiar with online sourcing, publishing, printing and layout along with good editorial skills. Television attracts more viewers than newspapers, magazines and the radio. In the magazines, photographers have a great opportunity to display their creative skills. On the television, cameramen have a chance to show their observant nature and talent to the world. Every fragment of journalism has its own importance and requirements of talent.

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