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A corporation is a legal entity which is licensed by a state. It is established to run a business. Once a corporation gets a license from the state authority, it is legally separate from the proprietor and legally responsible for the amount overdue, and also should pay its taxes.

Most of the law careers are related with corporations; however, the lawyers working for corporations do not call themselves corporate lawyers. There are various law careers in a corporation like a litigator, tax lawyer and corporate lawyer. A litigator works for a corporation internally. A tax lawyer advises corporations on the tax issues.

There is difference between litigation and corporate laws. Litigators generally handle the judicial procedure like criminal cases or civil disputes in the court. While working for criminal cases, litigators work as public defenders, prosecutors or private defense lawyers. Civil litigators deal with personal injuries, contract disputes, and non-criminal issues.

As a litigator, you need to be in the court each day. Public defenders attend court once a week. At the same time, litigators who deal with corporate as well as commercial matters may never attend court. They file their motions and brief without actually going to court. So it is the misconception that as a lawyer you have to go to the court.

Some lawyers assist transactions in the fields of corporation, property, tax law or labor laws are known as transactional lawyers. In the corporate arena, transactional lawyers are responsible for forming a deal in such a way that all rights and responsibilities should be clear for the people involved, and it should avoid a litigation.

There is difference between litigation and corporate law. Corporate lawyers are responsible for forming transactions or deals. If these transactions go wrong at any point, litigators come into picture. Litigators handle such disputes with the help of the judicial system or by using other means such as mediation or arbitration.

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