Life Science Related Career Opportunities

In the life sciences career, the researchers or scientists main job is to design, conduct and analyze the experiments for the scientific development. The results of the experiments and investigations are recorded and new techniques are introduced to develop new products, processes or applications and improve the existing ones. The life sciences is a huge branch of science that includes plant and animal sciences, neuro-sciences, bioinformatics, microbiology, biotechnology, genomics, and pharmacology. The biochemistry, though is apart of the medical sciences is also a part of the life science study.

In the life sciences career, the life scientists perform following tasks:

To enter the life sciences career, the basic qualification needed is a master's degree or PhD in life science or related subjects. The PhD is necessary for college teaching or critical research work. The candidates with postdoctoral degree are necessary for more senior research or supervisory positions. Degrees with specialization in physics, chemistry or biology or even biotechnology will also be beneficial to get jobs as scientists in life science career. The knowledge of new technologies, mathematics, economics, businesses and life science is also necessary to be successful in this career.

Other necessary skills:-
The skills that are necessary to enter the life sciences career are as follows:

Work Place:-
In the life sciences career, the life researchers work most of the times, in the labs or research centers. They have to go for fieldwork sometimes, to gather information and collect relevant data for the experiments.

Generally, they work for regular hours. However, working for longer hours is common. That is why; the researchers work even in the evenings, nights or for continuous days till they achieve results in their investigations.

Job Opportunities:-
The life sciences career has wide scope in many areas. The job opportunities available are as follows:

Career in life sciences is common in three areas like:-

The life scientists mostly work in hospitals, research centers, colleges and universities and other places where research and development is necessary.

In the life sciences career, the life scientists get handsome salaries. However, the salary differs according to the type of work, employer, education and experience. The salary for the entry-level researchers or assistant scientists is comparatively less. The salary goes on increasing with years of experience. The salary for the senior researchers is good. Those working as professors in colleges, universities and other technical institutes get best salary in the industry. The life scientists get many benefits as paid holidays, vacations, health and medical facilities, and retirement plans.

Job Progress:-
In the life sciences career, the entry-level jobs offered are for assistant scientists, or trainee scientists. The candidates with bachelor's degree in life science or other related subjects are given training. They are supervised by the supervisors. With certain years of experience, the trainers are given more complicated research activities. The junior researchers then become senior researchers. The candidates with PhD are considered for most senior positions or as professors in colleges and universities.

Employment forecast:-
The employment growth in the life sciences career is supposed to increase in the future. The need to develop new products and processes or improve the existing ones in the field of research and development of engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology and pharmacy has brought many job opportunities for the life scientists. The increase in biotechnology and genetics engineering and the growth for these fields is supposed to increase tremendously in the future. Therefore, the employment growth is expected to rise considerably in the future. The life scientists will be in considerable demand in agriculture, and most of the jobs will be available for animal and plant scientists.

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