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A social science assistant performs a variety of tasks such as assisting social scientists with laboratory, research, quality control, and data management. The responsibility of a social science assistant is to screen potential test subjects to determine their aptness for the study and track their progress. An assistant ought to obtain the informed assent of all participants.

Individuals who would like to make a career in this field need to possess various skills. They must have sound knowledge of the computer programs and they should know how to perform analysis, manage databases, create graphs, and carry out internet based research. A social science assistant is responsible for the production of reports, facts sheets, presentations, manuscripts, and review research results. The job of research assistants is to create, design, and modify an investigation program. A research assistant is accountable for setting up, organizing, and recording the final results of the study.

A social science research assistant edits and submits protocols and other necessary documents. Their work is to obtain informed content of research subject. They prepare graphs, table, written reports, and fact sheets. They design and modify special programs such as data entry, statistical analysis, and cleaning.

A social scientist may study all the characteristics of society ranging from past events and accomplishment to human behavior. The research of a social scientist may provide insights into the various ways. Their work is to look at data in details. This may include reanalyze existed data, study the collected data, analyze historical documents and records, and describe the effect of location on various aspects of society such as culture. The research of social scientists focuses upon social, physical, cultural development of humans, and link between the environment and human activity.

A psychologist studies human behavior and mental process by interpreting, recording, and observing how people and other animals recount to one another. A psychologist seeks for patterns that shall help to understand and envisage behavior using scientific principles, methods, and procedures to evaluate their ideas. Psychologists create hypothesis that are possible explanation of what they observe.

A career in social science is a highly challenging job option. It equips you with good remuneration. Individuals who are interested in social sciences may carve a good career in this field.

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