Receptionist Resumes

Every office, organization, hospital, institution and hotels have reception counters to welcome you. A person who is responsible of the counter is receptionist. The job of the receptionist is very tiring and demanding. Right from welcoming the guests, solving and receiving complaints the job responsibilities include answering the calls, maintaining appointment records manually or electronically, prepare letters and documents, organize meetings and keep a record of visitors. A receptionist has to be on the run all the time. A pleasant personality with a good presence of mind is an asset if some one wants to be a receptionist. Good communication skills and well organized is an essential skill.

To be a receptionist, not much of educational qualification is needed. A high school diploma is enough in most of the places. A good knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures with customer service skills is important.

A receptionist should be excellent in communication skills, well organized, tolerant, presentable, with a descent dressing sense and reliable. The job profile of receptionists is never the same. They changes according to the industry they work with. A medical receptionist will have different duties than that of one working in an educational institute.

Whatever the field is, while applying for a job as a receptionist the most essential thing after your willingness to work, is your resume. A resume is a professional document that has all the relevant details and contains authentic information about the past job responsibilities and salaries withdrawn.

Here are given some sample resumes of receptionists of various fields. All the resumes written follow a format which is a widely accepted format of resume. We hope that this site will help you in creating a resume of your own and getting the job you dream for.

List of receptionist resume examples:

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