Administrative Assistant Job Description

Administrative assistants assist, support, or provide service to a department or an individual who is mostly an executive director or a top executive in the organization.

Some organizations do not distinguish between executive assistants and administrative assistants. In organizations that do, administrative assistant handles long-term projects such as, research work, preparation for a presentation, and preparing for a directors. meeting. And an executive assistant handles day-to-day jobs that do not associate with internal matters such as going through mail and memos and sorting them and attending to people visiting the office.

Nature of work in administrative assistant job

As the name suggests, an administrative assistant assists in general administrative processes. They help in the overall housekeeping and day-to-day functioning of an office. Job description may vary with the organization, but some duties and responsibilities are common in all organization. These are listed below:

Duties and responsibilities of administrative assistant

Administrative assistants are required to be flexible and work according to the need of the organization. Therefore, they are viable to perform few other tasks as well, which are:

Other duties of administrative assistant

Administrative Assistant Qualifications

Skills and abilities

Career advancements and outlook

Administrative assistants can advance to lower-level management jobs. Some Administrative assistants move to sales and sales-related jobs.

The amount of job pressure, requirements, salary, and job profile depends on the organization you work for. For example this job would be with less pressure when you work in a university or a college, while be with high pressure when you work for an organization.

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