Administrative Assistant Resume Skills

The administrative assistant resume skills should highlight the fact that the candidate is a good assistant. An administrative assistant is an important position in any organization. They provide administrative support to the management of the company. Therefore, there are many people lining up to get into this profession. Even college graduates want to get into this profession, as they can use this position to learn about administration and work their way up to the management.

There is a lot of competition for this position in a company. Therefore, one has to stand out from the rest of the applicants, and a good resume skills section is the first step towards an interview call. An administrative assistant's resume is quite different from that of a normal assistant's resume. The difference is that rather than focusing on the usual assisting skills, the skills section has to focus on skills that are only applicable to the administrative position. The recruiters will be interested only in those skills.

The other assistant skills also have to be stated, but they will come in the latter half of the section. They too hold importance because after all, it is still an assistant position and they have to perform assisting tasks like setting up meetings and appointments, answering the phones and accompanying them for meetings. The administrative specific tasks include helping out the managements in conducting research and clients. Writing down the minutes of confidential meetings. Filing important documents of the management and so on. These are the tasks that are to be highlighted as the administrative assistant resume skills.

We have two examples that will give you a clear idea on how to write that resume. One example is of a candidate who has previous experience in this profession, while the other is of a candidate who has experience of just being an assistant, but not an administrative one.

Resume Skills Example for an Administrative Assistant

These are the skills of an administrative assistant who has previously worked in this position. Next, we have an example of a person who has assistant experience but not administrative. Their resume skills section is different. They have to highlight the skills that might be useful in an administrative assistant position.

Second Resume Skills Example for Administrative Assistant

These skills are not administrative assistant resume skills, but they are of a simple assistant. However, the skills given in the beginning are skills that are required in an administrative assistant. This is how one can be creative regarding their resume skills.

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