Receptionist Resume Skills

The receptionist resume skills should highlight the skills that are required to be a good receptionist. Receptionists are important for the functioning of any office. They are the first face that a visitor sees when they come to any office. Therefore, companies are serious about who they hire and they are also willing to pay a good salary to a good receptionist.

For many years, the receptionist profession was dominated by women, but now, even men have entered this field, thus increasing competition. Therefore, it is important to have a good resume skills section. The importance of the skill section increases owing to the fact that this profession does not require a lot of education. Despite that, the salary for a receptionist is really good.

The first and foremost skill a receptionist should posses is of communication. Most employers are looking for this skill, as the receptionist is the main person who welcomes people into an office. Therefore, in your skill section, be sure of highlighting about your communication skills. A recruiter will notice these skill in the beginning and will be more likely to select your resume.

Next to highlight on the resume are the organizational skills. However, instead of just mentioning that you have great organizational skills, mention about particular responsibilities where you are required to be a organized. The same method is used in the two examples we have stated. This way, you are stating about your organizational skills in a different manner from others.

Like mentioned above, we have given two simple examples of the receptionist resume skills. These examples will help you easily understand how the skills in a receptionist's resume are to be written.

First Sample

This is how a receptionist resume skill section will look like. Next, we have an example of a receptionist who does not have much experience in this profession. Their skill section will be quite different from that of an experienced candidate.

Second Sample

This receptionist resume skill section is easy to understand. It is about an inexperienced candidate. Hence, it concentrates more on the qualities that the candidate possesses, rather than work experience.

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