Administrative Assistant Job Responsibilities

Administrative assistants are the key members of the administration department of an organization. They handle a range of activities and are engaged in organizing and supervising the routine functions. The job description of administrative assistant varies as per the size of the organization. However, they are expected to assist management, company vendors, visitors, and guests. Organizations usually seek for candidates who are proficient in handling office tasks, making travel arrangements, working with computers, communication, troubleshooting, and managing general office task. Administrative assistants must be comfortable working in a team environment, have the ability to multi-task, draft emails, communicate through phone, manage and maintain schedules, coordinate with managers and employees, organize and supervise office activities.

Administrative Assistant Responsibilities and Duties

Administrative Assistant Key Competencies

Administrative assistants are the "go-to person" whom employees, managers, vendors, visitors, and guests approach first for any requirement. As such, they have to meet and speak with people holding different positions and background. Therefore, organizations look for individuals with these key competencies:

Career Scope for Administrative Assistants

Every company, regardless of the industry its belong to, needs an office to handle business activities. And when there is an office, it will also need an Administration department to organize and supervise daily activities. This makes becoming an administrative assistant a good career choice. You can work in this job position with any big or small organization. A wide career scope for administrative assistants exist in healthcare, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, service, information technology, and transport sectors.

Work Environment for Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants work in an office environment in day shifts. They are not required to work in night shifts as most of the business activities take place during the daytime. A better part of the working hours is spent in the office. Very rarely, they have to leave the office for work purpose. They work with computers, phone, photocopying and fax machines and may work even after the office hours depending on the workload.

Education and Experience Requirements

While a degree is not compulsory for an administrative assistant position, you have to hold a high school diploma at least. If you cannot pursue a degree program, there are other courses and certifications that will help in understanding the job role and handling the duties and responsibilities.

You must be experienced in working with MS Office suite, Google Docs, and have the ability to work with custom-made management tools. Experience of handling clerical and administrative duties at any small office will be helpful in landing the job. Many organizations are also ready to provide on-job training if you prove yourself capable for the job at the interview. However, big organization may ask for a minimum 5 years of experience.

Administrative Assistant Salaries

The annual average salary for an Administrative Assistant job in the United States is $44950. However, the salary range may vary as per your skills and experience, scale of the company, and the location.

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