Airport Operations Manager Job Description

Operations manager in airport is responsible for supervising the coordination between the operations in the airport and make sure that all the operations are running smoothly. He oversees the security needs and helps in enforcement of rules and regulations in the airport. Hence the position of an airport operations manager is vital in the airport to keep the airport functioning properly. Airport operations managers need to have extensive knowledge of the functioning of the airport and should have good management skills as well. The airport operations manager job description given here will help you discover more about this job profile.

Qualification Requirements for an Airport Operations Manager:

Airport operations manager should have a blend of management skills along with some knowledge of the airport systems. This can be gained if a person has background of both management as well as some qualification that can make him acquainted with the technicalities of the aircrafts, planes, etc.

There are some degrees such as bachelor degree in airport management that can make a person eligible for the position of airport operations manager.

There are other degrees such as aeronautical engineering with a combination of business management that gives a person enough knowledge of administration and airport operations.

Having experience in any relevant field such as business management, operations management, etc. will be an added advantage for people looking for opportunities in this profile.

Skills Required

Given here are some of the skills that are essential to work as an airport operations manager.

Job Responsibilities of Airport Operations Manager:

Salaries for Airport Operations Manager:

The wages for airport operations manger may vary depending upon the country, experience of an individual and his skills but on an average an airport operations manger earns about $70,000 to $100,000 per annum. This figure varies depending on the experience.

An airport operations manager is also called as airfield services officer. This is a great career for people who are really interested in management. Hope this airport operations manager job description helped you.

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