Apparel Production Manager Job Description

Apparel means clothes, so this profession concerns with the production of apparel for big apparel companies. The apparel production manager has to manage the whole process of production of the clothes. To know more about this profession, read the apparel production manager job description given for your read.

The apparel production manager is in charge of the production of the apparel in the company they work. This is not a simple desk job; they have to be present at the factory where the apparel is made. They have to check, whether the raw materials that is being used for production is up to the set industry standards.

Apparels could be of many types, so the manager has to make sure that the measurements of each different kind of apparel are fed into the production machines. The packaging and shipping of the apparel also has to be overseen by the manager.

There could be thousands of workers in the production unit; the manager is in charge of all of them. However, they cannot look after each staff, so they can appoint heads for all the departments and they can look after the workers. They collect reports from the heads of the departments, compile all those reports and make one report that is to be submitted to the corporate office

They have to hire skilled workers and assign them to different departments accordingly. They also have to provide training to the staff. When working in a manufacturing unit, safety procedures are very important. The manager has to ensure that the standards are followed. They have to ensure that all the safety equipment is in working order and the workers are trained in the safety measures. These are just a few responsibilities of the apparel production manager, to know them in further detail, read the apparel production manager job description we have given for you.

Duties and responsibilities of an apparel production manager

Education required for an apparel manager

Career Advancement

They are well positioned to get top jobs in the corporate offices, but if they want to continue in the same field, they can even work as factory inspectors for the government

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