Application Development Manager Job Description

Software applications installed in any organization need to be monitored continuously and upgrading them as per the current requirements to meet the industry standards is also an ongoing process. Application development managers are involved in analyzing the existing software applications installed in any organization and make sure that they are as per the current industry requirements. If the existing software systems have some deficiencies and need to be upgraded to increase the performance then the application development mangers perform leadership role in the software upgrading process. The application development manager job description given here will give you a clear idea of the responsibilities, qualifications, etc., required in this profile.

Competencies Required in an Applications Development Manager:

The responsibilities of an applications development manager are similar to any software development project manager. Therefore, he/she should possess all the skills expected of a software development project manager.

Job Responsibilities of an Applications Development Manager:

Educational Requirements

An applications development manager should have a bachelor's or master's degree in Computer Science. Having experience in software development is also essential to work as an application development manager as this is one of the senior positions in the software industry. Certification courses are also available for people who want to specialize in particular software technologies. Getting certified in a particular technology will definitely add importance to your resume.

Salaries for Application Development Manager:

The average annual compensation paid for application development managers is $84,000. This figure may vary depending upon the organization, country and number of years of experience.

If you are looking for an opportunity as an application development manger then you should possess managerial skills and decision taking ability. The applications development manager job description cited will definitely help you in this career.

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