Chef Job Description

It is one of the most interesting professions you will come across. Cooking food was once considered to be slave labor, but that notion has changed over the years. Today, chefs are highly trained individuals who specialize in cooking or rather inventing new dishes. To know more, read the chef job description we have provided for you.

The main job of a chef is to cook food, but each one has their own individual style and recipes, else there would be no difference between a chef and a cook. The chef is always attempting to create new dishes with their expertise, mixing different ingredients, trying new methods of cooking. They are the ones who discover new dishes and make tasty variations to the existing ones.

In the kitchen, there is a hierarchy that is followed. The main chef is known as the head chef, they know how to cook each dish that is present on the menu. Next in line is the Sous Chef, they are like the assistant to the head chef and next to become the head chef. Then there are other chefs who specialize in specific dishes, like there desserts chefs, meat chefs, salad chefs etc. These are all the kinds of chefs present in the kitchen of a restaurant.

The chef has to prepare the dish from scratch. They also have to make the dish according to the taste of the customer, if the customer is allergic to a certain ingredient; they have to refrain from using it. The money involved in this business is good, chefs are paid extremely well, but the education required is also expensive. Restaurants insist on chefs with formal training with culinary skill, some of the best chefs in the world have never have had training. Therefore, a restaurant may use their discretion in hiring a chef.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Chef

Education Required

Career Advancement

The chefs get promoted to the post of head or executive chef. This the highest post, from here they can open up their own restaurants.

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