Executive Chef

If you love cooking as much as savoring sumptuous food, then a career in the culinary industry is right for you. The good news for you is that you don't have to earn a high degree in order to start your career. With some basic culinary skills, you can start at an entry-level position as a kitchen help. After a few years of working, you can then move on to becoming a cook. When you gain a minimum five years of experience, the path that leads to the position of a chef opens up for you.

However, it's better if you can grab some culinary education. You can become an executive or head chef in the culinary industry if you're proficient in handling kitchen operations, planning menus, fixing their prices, applying creativity in food presentation, managing kitchen staff, and adding to the profitability of the food service establishment with timely and efficient customer service.

Job Description of Executive Chefs

As an executive chef, it's your job to ensure that every dish that is cooked in the kitchen and served to guests is of top-notch quality both in terms of taste and presentation. You have to improve staff productivity, and oversee all the aspects of cooking right from purchasing of raw items to cooking food.

For the guests who are bored with eating the same types of food, you will have to plan recipes that can satisfy their taste buds. Besides developing, executive chefs also need to train the kitchen staff on using new recipes, including cooking techniques, latest kitchen equipment as well as food preparation.

The restaurant and hotel owners would love to see you preparing innovative cuisines that can fill the dining rooms with pleasant aromas. In addition, you will also have to manage food and beverage stock, enforce hygiene practices, handle waste control, and maximize the productivity of the kitchen so that guests are served in a timely manner.

Executive Chef Responsibilities

Executive Chef Education & Requirements

If you're looking forward to working with you any of your favorite hotel or restaurant, we have created an Executive Chef Resume sample on our site for you to use free. Just browse out site and copy, paste it to customize your resume.

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